Alright two things before I get in to my response of good and evil.

1st I am here on BgThink so you don't have to ask me anymore. lol.   

2nd How do you start any article with leave God out of it, and then in your first line refer to the bible and a quote (from your God) and then in the first paragraph use the word God 2 or 3 times?


Alright, now for my statement and response. 

First in the response I will be using Good and Evil and Right and Wrong interchangeably since they are used to describe each other the majority of the time anyways. 

I believe that everything in life is a choice from a chosen viewpoint of how we feel about it, and I do mean everything.  And as I believe There is no right answer or wrong answer, but which one do I think will push humanity and I closer to actualization and which one will take us towards de-actualization(which is a term we made up for where we think we should be going, and considering we don't know the future How do we know where this should be going anyway?). I am forced to admit "Good" came from Hitler and "Bad" has come from Jesus, Ghandi, and Krishna and vice versa. 

 But as one of my favorite quotes goes, "Only God can determine right from wrong, and in our ignorance we made God in our image and think it gives us the right to judge for him." 

When we do our best at any given time to accept things as they are the amount of good and evil we see decreases. IF we continually work towards being the best influence we can be then what do we really have to worry about anyway.