American History/Civics are classes that are not that popular largely because there usually isn't any discussion of causes, effects, and future consequences.  Much of American History is taught from a Euro-Centric view, which often leaves out people of color.  Usually the earliest African-American named in US History is Crispus Attucks who is basically known for being killed at the Boston Massacre.  African slaves were brought to the Americas fairly early during the time of European Colonialism on the East Coast.  Basically, about 250 years pass before 1 African-American is named. 

One of the problems that the traditional methods of teaching history (usually rote memorization) is the students aren't really engaged in, not only learning history, but also not learning about their role in America.

Another problem, I feel, is that our governments (national, state, and local) are not truly representative of the population.  We have a system that allows only 2 parties - for other party candidates, they have to try to use fewer resources to accomplish nearly identical tasks, such as petition signatures. 

One more issue is that we have a government (House of Representatives) that hasn't grown in proportion to the growth in population.