This is interesting, and I feel my family is the perfect example of how this is correct... and incorrect!

I am in no way whatsoever like my parents, with the exception a few common phrases.  I don't think like my parents, and don't act like my parents, I don't like the same food they do and I don't have the same beliefs they do either... in fact, if I wasn't absolutely sure they were my parents I'd think I was adopted.  However, my younger sister (4 years younger) is nearly a clone split down the middle of my Mom & Dad.  From her sense of humor all the way down to her belief in God, she is their equal.  

So what does that say about parents?  I think it says they have a tremendous amount of influence... or none at all, but it's all based on the kid.  I've always been independant and free thinking and my sister is a follower who can't be alone.  Was there some strange occurance that happened inehr life but not mine?  How can you know?  Being only 4 years apart I can't imagine what it would be.  

So my statement is, there is no perfect answer to this question... it truly varies case by case.

My questions is, do you believe that?