Through shared humanity we all have a responsibility to help those in need. Moreover, a society that cares for all its members and avoids huge disparities in wealth is in everyones interests. I feel it is more important to recognize that we are all richer/better off than someone else and strive to make some impact. We should ask "What should I do?". Asking "What can/should the rich do?" just lets people pass the buck to others ('Richer people should give.. I don't have to'). That said, giving more is an appropriate choice for those who have the largest surplus. For me, having a responsibility for the poor does not mean that I must give to every person or cause - I get requests for money/help almost daily. I give selectively, but giving individually is just one way to help: ensuring that wealthy nations tackle poverty within their borders and act on behalf of their people to help other countries is important too, as is campaigning for a fairer world.