re: C.S.Lewis' essay: "The Weight of Glory"

as posted by pokoj here:

Sorry pokoj, I do not share your enthusiasm.

Lewis is arguing that god exists solely in the quantum world, or in the Big Bang that originated this universe rather than in the real here and now. Perhaps god is the Logos or the recipe or code that generated the Big Bang. This places god “at a thousand removes” from our current experience. And we will not again see god until the universe contracts back into the space it exploded from.

Of course Lewis is speaking of the personal experiences of individuals, so a condensed version of his argument may be: “creation begins and ends within the consciousness of the individual experiencing it,” as taught in Wellness Centers.

And if are allowed to so contract Lewis' poetry (despite his claims that individual consciousnesses outlive the universe) then it becomes obvious that it is the experience of the individual that defines creation.

If we apply a little quantum science at this juncture, we discover that indeed the individual (the observer in quantum language) creates the universe when they decide what is to be even before they turn around to see. That the universe can not exist without a conscious observer.

And then we throw in some Higgs interaction theory and it becomes obvious that Matter is not what is real, but is merely the reaction of particles (which are made up of mostly nothing) moving rapidly through space. That matter is “created” the same way friction is created by a reaction rather than being the first cause of reactions.

Yet immense masses of these particles (which are made up of mostly nothing) clump together to create our star, the Sun and the planet we walk upon and our bodies and the bodies we eat for energy and everything that surrounds us. This clumping together of quantum particles that behave in a manner so strange as to be described as “magic” or god-like, moving at massive speeds though space, magically create Matter as a secondary reaction, or as if an afterthought.

Yet, paradoxically, Matter seems to require the individual consciousnesses that dwell within this clumping of particles to exist.

So does god dwell in the particles that drive the existence of the universe, or within the consciousness of the observers? Or both? Or is god merely the logos, or the rule that allows this magical universe to exist? Or all three?

This being much too complex for me, I shift my gaze to the relationship of the Sun and the Earth, for it is that intense relationship that allows life and consciousness to exist in this part of the universe. And in that I find our father and our mother and god.