Yes, college professors are very interested in our research. Whenever possible, our goal is share that research with students in our classes. However, getting students to think beyond what is simply required for class and to share in our excitement can be very challenging. I'm sure that's a generalization, but then again so is your classification of professors. You also state that professors are intent on indoctrinating students in our class. There are probably faculty whose classes feel like indoctrination at times when you are provided with a lot of new information - it can be overwhelming. However, you also state that what you really want is for them to provide you with the information so you can form your own opinions. Here's a simple question - how do you know the information you are provided is accurate and/or complete without working on your own to verify it? That's a classic line - give me information and I'll give you my opinion. Makes me realize why our elections turn out the way they do.