I've been a vegetarian now for about a year. I'm still learning a lot and making many changes in my diet. With the research I do, I'm looking forward to beat the age barrier If its possible. I know the only way its possible is through complete nutrition, and there is nothing more remarkably nutritious than Raw foods and produce. But in America you can buy more burgers and junk instead of real produce for a dollar. America is not cursed with top records of chronic diseases and obesity; America acts as if they are blessed with them. That has a lot to do with how much more money processed foods make compared to cropping an abundance of highly nutritious foods. Other wise why are these kinds of foods (like avocados, nuts, pineapples, the list can go on) so expensive?- Because you can sell a whole lot more corn to Frito lays (although I am a Doritos fanatic!).

If We can harvest all kinds of food through vertical farming within urban areas... The world would change, there would be hope for us after all. I don't know what this may do to farms, but living in urban areas can deprive you of what it means to be being in this earth. I know people that live off of snickers, chips, and soda. I wouldn't want to turn farms into flint Michigan, but they should just worry about the raising of animals. Get somewhere with cloning them and make an abundance of eggs and milk.  (look whats the difference between cloning and breeding? without god or mother nature it wouldn't happen anyway)

My opinion is that in society there is no virtue in money. Technology so be used to help all living things.