Three months ago, I contacted the Rappelz game, and I liked the game at that time. I spent money buy rupees, the first time I spent money in the game. But I still felt happy. Because this game, I recognized him.

  We were bundled together by the Rappelz game, the time to upgrade our feelings, feeling let our relationship become the reality. But I greedy hope that we can active our lifetime each other soul. In the game, you are well to me; you told me how to upgrade and each cheap rappelz rupees. Every time, I had different, he always came to help me the first time. Because of him, I made a lot of good friends. In the game, I felt no longer lonely. He also always took the rappelz rupees that he earned sent to me.

  I love him because the Rappelz game, and during the time, we development the reality. Love is so wonderful, no room for the distance, and no time intervals, not to other people’s speech, there are only the theme of love; love the music, the spirit of love. Only in the world love the feeling of existence, love and only love in the world will never master. I would like to say to him I love him, so my feelings to decide, my love that I decide.

  I also remembered you spent a lot of money to buy a lot of rappelz gold when we married in the game. In fact, at that time you have not much money. I was touched. I do not know how kind interpretation of love, but I think my behavior can be interpreted for me, my mind would think of a time you think you all, as long as there is a link would not mind I will not practical, you will worry about. Sometime you said I was will be very angry, because I am afraid. I can not ignore your bit by bit, I can not let myself do not care, it has become a kind of instinct, the same as you always send me rappelz money. When all become accustomed I am sure that is love.

  You too good, so there are a lot of girls around you, I feel that I am the worst one, so I am afraid, whether in reality or game I have been such a fear. I do not care whether you care about me; I only hope you know I care about you.

  In this original colorless I saw the world to your glory, with a margin of love or the palette I do not know, I only know that my world have color because you.