Why do people commit violence? What is wrong with our society? I speak not of America as my hailing place but of all the world. What circumstances, heredity, sociological backround allow for the infiltration of one by another. A sickness perhaps? How do we define sickness. Is it a physiological disease such as a virus or some other pathogen of extra- human control? Is it the developmental sickness falling more to the pathology of psychological origin? I speak of something that I am not quite willing to admit, despite the conclusions of many religious/moral observers, of a state of mind referred to as “Evil”. (Storm1) So, it is to myself that I ask these questions and seek to answer. I personally have committed many acts that some would consider “Evil”. I have stolen from my fellow man. I have lied to my friends and lovers. I have done things to my body, namely drugs, that for the most part I have know to be not of my self interest. Do these things make me “Evil”? What of you? What transgressions have you made to your own moral ideal? When applied to science, all human behavior should theoretically be aimed at the preservation of one’s own life and the sustenance of the human race. Why then do we willingly commit acts that we know to be anti-life? I believe the answer lies somewhere in between our intellectual(brain) and emotional(some say heart) outputs. Which if any is stronger in the pursuance of our daily lives? There is no doubt that some of us relate and follow one aspect of ourselves more than the other. The ultimate proof of this exists between the differences between a man and a woman. I feel no need to describe the difference between Mars and Venus. Today(2007), offers the same answers as many a man of awareness has indulged before. I will examine the lessening differences in a later chapter. For now the questions I have proposed will lend themselves to answers lengthy enough to lend my time to.