I have a invention that produces eletrical current, "power" and uses no fossil fuels or " green " solutions. It is about 50% efficant in a small , cheap and crude version, but  that is a low number because of my vary limited recources. I need help in matters that are not of my unserstanding to make it up to may be 75 - 80% with proper  R & D. 50 % efficacy  is still a vary good number considering it produces more energy than it uses. With that being said I am confident that a practical app in the automotive field and "other" uses can be made. Any time you can produce extra power from what it uses that extra energy can be used for any thing that can be powered with electricty i.e. eletric cars with no solor panels, and powering a house with no light bill. In a vary brief way it uses a series electric motors and generators to produce power by way of kenetic energy " motion".