John McCain was born in Panama.  Is he a natural born US citizen able to be president?  Aside from the silly reality that he was born of US citizens, whose father was a US Navy admiral, stationed on a US Navy base; there is actually talk of passing legislation to close that loophole.


John McCain is pro-life.  His life began t conception.  Now, if he were conceived in the terratorial United States we don't need more useless legislation.

If, on the other hand, Constitutional life begins at birth...well he may need some protection.

The only problen then is:

If Constitutional life begins at conception, then in order for foreigners to secure citizenship for their babies, all they need to do is to cross the border and conceive our little citizens on US soil (or motels) and then go back home.  After birth they only need to present the baby, along with a picture of the conception act which includes a GPS reading...AND BABY IS HOME FREE!!!

John McCain gets to solve the illegal immagration problem  at the same time he resolves the pro-life (welfare) vs. pro-choice (self sustaining) question.  And he doesn't even need to worry about seperation of church and state to do it!