A year is ending means that another year will come soon, now it is the time that we face the ending of this year.

It is December, the last month in this year. Also the coldest month in a year, so many people will not come out to have some entertainments. They would rather stay at home, sit in front of their computer, and see some films, listening to some music or playing some online games. I know a friend of mine play the game hero. He usually buys some priston tale Gold, and then he can sit in front of his computer for a day. Even forget to have his lunch.

To all the American adults, in this month, they will celebrate a festival called Christmas day. In this day, most children will receive much presents from their friends, their parents. Also every child will go to knock the other people door, when the people open the door, they will give these children some delicious. After the Christmas day, the children will have a lot of money, some of them save the money and some of them used to buy something they once want to have, also some of the boys used to buy some priston tale Money to join in the games.

I am a good example of the person who will use this money to buy priston tale Gold, I love to play this game when I was in the middle school. From that time, every year, I will spend all my Christmas money on the game gold.

Now it is the cold time, as we all know, it is so cold outside. And there are few people come out. Most of the people would rather stay at home to do some work. To the children, it is the time to spend their winter holiday. They are also forbidden at their home, do not allowed to go out, so most of them stay at home to play online games, Such as hero. Their parents prefer them to stay at home waste some cheap priston tale Gold, rather than go out to catch a cold.

So as to the habitat, most of the children always chat on the internet without go out to have a meet. They could change their game gold through the internet.

It is a modern way and will be accepted by many people who play the game for a long time.