Any thought on how a three to five year freeze of interest payments on home loans made in the last five years would affect the current situation? This would mean monthly mortgage payments would cover principle only for that period of time. People having trouble with their monthly payments could get a reduction of up to say 30% but if they couldn't make payments after that discount they would face foreclosure. This could allow homeowners making mortgage payments to get a principle reduction of the full amount that they pay each month. The banks and investors would take a hit on interest profit but would continue to get an income stream. I thought this might be a fair way to balance the pain of the current downturn. By decreasing lending standards and allowing reckless loans, the banking industry caused an artificial spike in demand (becuase people who couldn't afford houses were buying them anyway) which caused artificial price appreciation. Homeowners who didn't have sufficient income were making reckless bets that the value of their home were going to go up. There's plenty of greed and stupidity on all sides of this equation. We need to buy some time to allow things to stabablize and this idea would also possibly prevent more people from becoming upside down on their loans and walking away. Your thoughts?