How we say something is far more important than what we say. Surprisingly, only 7% of the message we convey is made up of the actual words we use. Body language accounts for well over half of the impact of a conversation and it is thought that this may be as high as 80%.


Imagine that you were unable to hear a conversation between 2 people.  Would you be able to tell if one or both of the participants was a positive thinker?   

Here are 7 ways in which their attitude can be readily identified.  

1)     A positive thinker smiles. Perhaps somewhat obvious, but this is probably the main expression of someone who is positive.  

2)     People with positive attitudes will look someone straight in the eye during a conversation.   This shows honesty and confirms they have nothing to hide!  

3)     A positive thinker periodically acknowledges what is being said by nodding their head. This demonstrates acceptance of what is being said.  

4)     They use hand gestures freely. The person is relaxed and feels comfortable with the conversation.   

5)     They will sit or stand with their head up, which reveals a confident person.  

6)     A positive thinker will lean forward to show that they are attentive and interested in the conversation.

7)     When speaking to a positive person, you will notice that their heads may lean to one side, which conveys that they are listening and relaxed.

If you are a positive person, you will be using most - if not all - of these already. If you want to acquire a more positive attitude, then you must first think positively. You will find that the body language will most likely come to you automatically. Not only will you be thinking positively, but you will certainly convey a very much more positive attitude to everyone around you!