All of our particals are constantly moving. These vibrations make it so that we are never in the same space at the same time. Theoreticly if we wer to change the speed of the vibrations you would enter into a dimension that occupied the empty space between your molequles. Thus it can be theorized that there are an infinate number of dimensions occupying the same space at different frequencies. However since matter cannot be created or destroyed there is a slim chance that in order to move yourself through the dimensions something or someone would have to take your place with the same structure as you from the dimension you are trying to enter. These are only theorys however as there is no way to actualy test these theorys as someone or something would have to cross through at the same time as you, have the same chemical make up, and try to transfer to your frequency.Thus if you tryed it without meeting these standards you would die, have brain dammage, loose your mind and go on a murdurous rampage, ect. I am unable to test any of these theorys however as I've yet to divise a way to change movement frequencys at the molecular level. Even if I was able to divise something of that magnitude it would undoutibly require huge amounts of energy, money, space, and time.