Our present politicians are not statesmen. Even in a democracy they have turned out to be unscrupulous. For example some MPs in India accepted bribe to vote in favour of the Govt. A democry is not static. It should be dynamic and principled.  World over we see unprincipled people ascending to power by foul means. This is a cultural aberration.  They coerce voters in democracies to elect them.  We know that election and democracy are the two wheels of a cart. One wheel is always defunct.  When election is not fair, democracy fails.  After election, they become despotic and no body dares to question them.  Definitely there is a cultural lacuna.  Is it because of the lack of  good religious and moral edu.?  Education also doesn't serve the desired objective.  We advance and this advncement should have a cultural basis.  We become  cowards and that is the greatest danger.  Hegemony of a strong nation over the other is also anti democratic.  great men like Russel and Mahatma Gandhi have no followers.  That is the greatest curse of modern society.  With the nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and recently in Iraq and Afganistan, there is enough reason to think that we are returning to savagery.  Who can save us from this predicament? I think there should be an educational system based on good values which culminate in culture.