The political struggle over what Jesus represented was a key to how he is perceived today. The swill of Nicea threw up a few possibilities and the numbers went for the god version. Would Jesus have become Yahweh v.2 if the Arians had held sway? No, he would have been viewed as a troublesome priest, a thorn in the side of the collaborationist Jews who prospered under the Romans instead of a lightning rod of discontent for the Zealots who wanted the Romans out of Judea. He would have been seen as a pious Jew interested in focusing his countrymen on their own traditions of 'do unto others' et al.. an idea that pre-dates JC by over 800 years. Instead, like some uber-scapegoat, he is loaded up with all the troubles of the tribe and cast out into the desert to 'atone' for all our sins.. something he never alluded to himself. What would we make of Jesus the freedom fighter? In politics, like mathematics, it pays to have the numbers.