The existence of the pineal gland is solid proof  that there is something more to humans than meets the eye.  A tiny gland near the middle of the brain kind of forward to be right behind where the eyes are is the gateway to the spiritual world. 

The gland sort of looks like a pine cone, hence it got it's name "pineal gland".  Has anyone ever heard of the court of the pine cone in The Vatican?  Has anyone ever seen the cane that the pope uses?  Has anyone ever seen religious painting or ancient culture paintings with pine cones on them?  If you haven't I suggest you look those up because they are definately real. 

The pineal eye has been called the "third eye" because it is the gateway to the spiritual world.  It is the reason we dream and have our free will most likely.  What it does in the body chemically is release melatonin while the eyes are shut.  The pineal gland also has a tiny bit of water on the inside of it and it has been said that if EM waves are produced around the body the water is capable of existing in space/time and switch over to time/space while the individual is asleep.

If you have ever seen the movie Contact you will remember how the main character was able to travel between worlds is because she was in a tiny water container in the middle of a huge EM generator.  It follows the same mechanics, with the sacred geometry and manipulation of waves in the machine they use.

The scientific community has been puzzled about this gland for centuries now and can't come up with the main purpose for, the religious mainstream has subliminally kept it hidden from most of their followers.  There is definately something more to this tiny gland that has had such a huge impact on faith and the spiritual world.  This gland is a gateway to the higher planes of existence, and a gateway to the spiritual world is more than enough proof for most individuals to need in order to believe.