I cant help wonder about reports I hear of political campaigns being funded by pharmaceutical companies in this "buddy buddy back scratch" world .

   One that comes to the fore is the controversy about gardosil . To give a bit of insight this is a drug/vaccine for Cervical Cancer so it is being promoted but I have read that it only MAY control 4 of the 127 different contributors to this condition ! all can be covered by the use of condoms !

  Now there is word that it will and already has been made mandatory for school girls to get this 3 shot $600 -$1000 vaccine to be a part of their immunisation regime ! this seems like a lot of money when considering the number of girls world wide who will receive it approx 3 000 000 in Australia alone

   Now this company has been noted for backing political campaigns in USA mmm well It makes me wonder of motivations considering what is at stake $$$$ wise

   Also hearing of some adverse effects that has been suffered by many of the girls that have  had these shots and to realise this treatment has only been available world wide for just over a year

It really makes you wonder if people have been compromised for political motivations and the    $$$$$$