Norfolk, Virginia's most vocal animal liberator has long been known for her in-your-face campaigns to advocate for the rights of the four-legged and furry. Now she's going after "London."

In conversation with Mother Jones, Ms. Newkirk pooh-poohed humans using dogs as accoutrements to satisfy their vanity. "Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, these people are terrible role models in that they acquire little dogs like the Beverly Hills Chihuahua as arm candy."

Ms. Spears did recently acquire a rat-like Yorkie for $3,000.

How far groups like Newkirk's PETA are willing to go remove small dogs from the clutches of brainless celebrities is a key point of contention in activist groups. When Big Think asked Newkirk about extrajudicial actions on behalf of the other members of the animal kingdom, she equivocated, "It's not really for me to say what is right for an individual to do because they know in their heart, that if it were their child, if it were their husband, if it was their dog, what they would do, how far they would go. My worry is with complacency, human complacency."