In the net game, I met my best brother named David. He is a friendly boy and often takes care of me kindly all the time. In this game, when he has a lot of FFXI Gil, he will give me half of them. At the beginning, I do not understand why he does that for me, but gradually, I know that his family is very rich, but he fells very lonely in his spare time because his parents do business and do not have time to communicate with him. Although they give him plenty of money, I know that he does not need money at all. In fact, he only wants to have a person that can chat with him and listen to his words about his living. On an occasional chance, he finds a net game to play with the strange, and then we meet in the unreal world. In my memory, when we met for the first time in the net game, my all FFXI gold had been bam and I had no money to buy blood. At that time, walking across a forest, a big bear came over and was beating me again and again. I faced the danger and need the help to go through it. Who could help me? I said to myself. Just on that time, David saved me from the danger and he added a lot of blood to me to kill the bear, and in the following, I was out of the danger finally. He asked me why I did not add the blood when I stayed here. I told him my difficulty and then he gave me a lot of money and said that I could use the money to buy cheap Final Fantasy XI Gold. Besides, he told me where to buy the blood. On hearing his words, I was moved to cry out and told him that I would return her money in the near future but he only smiled at me and then went away without words. In order to make my promise come true, I will spend most of time to surf in the game. However, I have never met him for a long time and begin to worry about him. Maybe, the god has listened to my wish and I met him again today. We exchanged our best regards and I inquire him whether we can become the best friends in the game. He gives me his agreement and in the following days, he often tries his best to buy FFXI Gil for us and tells me that he would not charge me for the Final Fantasy XI gold because I am a student having no more money. I hope that our friendship will last for ever.