I want a perfect day which is described by Lou Reed. Maybe in his world, people can live so peaceful. There is no argue, no fight. First let us see one perfect day:

Just a perfect day Drink sangria in the park And then later, when it gets dark, we will go homeJust a perfect day Feed animals in the zoo Then later a movie too, and then homeOh it is such a perfect day I am glad I spent it with youOh such a perfect day You just keep me hanging onJust a perfect day Problems all left alone Weekenders on our own It is such funJust a perfect day You make me forget myself I thought I was someone else Someone goodOh it is such a perfect day I am glad I spent it with youOh such a perfect day You just keep me hanging on You are going to reap just what you sow

Such a charming day, I am so envy of that. With a little Perfect World Gold, we can get many we want. So people in there may not have to work seriously to Buy Perfect World Gold. They can enjoy their happy hours almost in their whole life. Perfect World Silver is not the main goal of their life in that world. It is a safe world. People can sleep with the open door, without any consideration that maybe a thief will come to stolen their Perfect World money at night. It is so harmonious. The police is not necessary in that perfect world. people are kind, easy to satisfy. Even a little cheap Perfect World Gold can let them feel happy. Those material things and worldly affairs are stood aloof from them.

Maybe every day is a sunny day. Sunshine can wash their hearts. Under the sunshine, every thing come back to an ancient time, the sky turns to light blue like it is never polluted, the river turns green like its original appearance. Children play together under the sunshine, adult people go to sow on their ground. Everything is lovely without any commercial factors.

In this real world, too much commercial factors make this world lose its original color. People become greedy, more and more indifferent. I hate this material world, too much black evil. I always try to find another world to forget the vulgar world for a temporary moment.