The recently reported that  Senator Hillary will lost her bid to Senator Obama for the  Democratic party presidential nomination, however their reasoning  is not convincing and biased to favor to Obama!The WSJ first reported this week, Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist had met with Colombia's ambassador to discuss a bilateral free trade agreement, which the senator opposed! This means that Hillary lost control her staff, and has very bad judgement to use Mark Penn, a double- roled (as  lobbyist and Hillary's strategist), conflicted person as her Chief strategist. And that Penn had molded her as a overconfidicent and failed her with the  "inevitable winners" strategist, and after the failure of Iowa primary, Hillary still kept her and overrode the other's staff, who suggested to fired Penn.In above case, we  found that Hillary are lacking of sound judgement to use a doubled-roled Penn.  She blinded by Penn's sell-out action and lost control her main staff. The worst, when Penn was wrong on strategy and wrong again with his betrayed business deal with Colombia's ambassador, she still keeps him on his cheap apology! A politician, without sounded judgement, keep a blinded eye on her inferior staff who had failed her campaign. And the worst thing, when Penn sold her out to Colombia! She did not know that and let a greedy strategist have chance to sell a Presidential candidate! Senator Hillary  shown  no leadership in this matter! She can not take the task of President when the phone rang at 3:00 a.m.This writer predicts in the date of  April 5, 2008, Senator has 95% of chance  lost her nomination to senator Obama!