I, a young student of only 20, have for years been under the impression that energy and matter could not be created or destroyed.  I have long had problems with black hole theories wondering why, where, what happens to everything.  When the void of an imploding star is left, i feel that it creates a super-vacuum rather than a gravitational pull.  As matter is pulled in to the hole, it is condensed and the "core" of the hole becomes more and more massive.  This is where I begin to disagree.

As these holes have been around for billions of years, their mass and event horizons ever increasing, they should be expanding quickly and noticeably. I equate them to a semi-clogged drain.  They will fill up and fill up until that certain point when the water is heavy enough to push tiny bits through the drain, or out of the back of the black hole.  This makes it always seem full.  The theory of white holes has been circulating for some time now as "outlets" or mirrors of black holes.  Can matter be sucked into one and released through the other in an alternate parallel dimension?  Was our big bang simply a black hole that filled up and exploded back out through its corresponding white hole, lending to the thought that our universe is a tiny piece of a much much larger universe?

 My thoughts may be way off base but I feel that the topic, being relatively unexplored, is worth a quick thought.  Responses are highly welcomed and encouraged!