You're right about so much "talking," yet actually it's estimatable there is more "listening" going on. With seven thousand plus ideas, I imagine many more than that number has "read", "listened" too.

Good and evil are just labels. Humans striving to determine, to explain, yet ever and always incomplete. Because we are human.

Faith, without a reason? Why would one do anything without a reason, an idea, a justification, a rational for doing so? I don't follow that thought, sorry.

Is the Universe and this "existence" balanced? It's probable, yet here is another example of humans exceeding their capability, experience and knowledge and drawing a conclusion based on limited information. History doesn't repeat itself exactly, yet we generalize that it does. As another poster "said" to me earlier on, in bigthink's existence, "It's easier."

Why would we assume only the good guys right history? Because it's easier. Why would someone or anyone believe, after a conflict they are on the winning side? Because it's easier.

Easy is too often not honest, sincere or with complete knowledge.

Please don't assume I or anyone else would judge you as immoral or corrupt in values. "We hardly know Ye." That can actually be seen as a manipulative statement, to pull the "listener" into your intended message.

True good is accomplished by the selfless and those who do it for others. Agreed.

You have strong interpretations about others and the world at large. And a perfect right to them. I believe true humility helps any of us to not waste time being angry and sad about things we can only interpret.