I would like to start with the concept of no monetary. Things are getting way out of hand these days, and I feel I'm just spinning my wheels.I think that if there were no monetary, we could probably move further as an advanced human race. Ask your self; why is it that only 1 or2% of the world's population controls all the wealth and resources. GREED thats why. My theory is if there were no monetary then we could save ourselves and the planet. War, crime ,poverty, etc. would slowly disappear and we could progress as one world one people.We would have more time for the things that really count like life and the planet. Let's face it we are destroying are future for generations to come.I could talk about this concept for a long time but for now I will give one example: Technolgy could move much faster if they were not held back with red tape and grants to move there inovations forward safely.Instead the world's population is to busy with creditors and merchants trying survive I am currently trying to set up a lunch date with AL GORE this summer to see if i can get some key people on board with this concept. I would like feedback to know if others are on the same page as myself.Remember strength in numbers. I'm hoping to get as much attention regarding this concept as possible.Waiting on Congress would be fruitless. I'm depending on the world's population.There really can be a global solution.