The existence of both economics and sociology is unfortunate as both disciplines merely serve to understand and rectify the problems that have arisen as a result of our misguided and ill-informed quest for meaning. We need to move beyond the problems we have created ourselves, and turn our attention towards the very nature, or essence, or our humble existence. We do not need to waste time debating the intended meaning of others’ ‘literary’ works, ideas or opinions, for the opinions of any individual or group hold no inherent truth. Truth is merely a construct, as is faith, justice and any other notion we have conjured up over time. We need to divert our attention from those aspects that we deem to make us different or separate from one another, and instead focus on those aspects, of which I believe are far more plentiful, that highlight the unity, or oneness, of all that exists. There is no out there out there, for we are out there as much as we are in here. In the words of Carl Sagan, ‘we are all star stuff’.