Ok, god creates the heavens, earth, a man, then a woman. (He) issues ten commandments that if broken will leave the culprit in a state of damnation for all eternity; and (he) simultaneously loves you more than any other person possibly could. If such a being knows past, present, and future, what was the purpose of the flood? If such a being knows everything, wouldn't it know what we were going to do before we did it? If so, god knew what we were going to do before we did it and flooded creatures who were imperfect to begin with. According to the story, the flood was obviously a violent response. But such a reaction would've first had to have a cause for that reaction; correct? If humans didn't annoy (god) than the flood would've never happened. So, god is all-knowing and yet operates on the same perception of the future as humans do? That perception could never be, because we don't know the future, hence our reactions to most things (cause & effect). If god was all-knowing it wouldn't react at all because it would've had prior knowledge. No god in man, but man in god. What do you think?