My latest roundup of links and tools...

Some really cool posts about Twitter

Reading blogs is like visiting a new city

  • I need to think this way about all of the unread posts in my feed aggregator (thanks, Mike Maloy!)

Rethink trust


  • Like many others, I am enjoying using Zamzar, a video download / file conversion tool


As someone in a Ed leadership program right now, I couldn't agree more that it is a waste of time and hoop-jumping to get an administrative license. My professor lectured for two hours to a class of adults on the importance of collaboration in adult education. Lame-o.
– Jethro

A great way to think about the social Web

  • No one has 'forgotten' or 'left out' anything. You just haven't added it yet. – Alan Levine, Wiki Way (thanks for the tip, Vicki Davis!)

The firestorm subsides

  • In case you missed the latest edublogosphere hubbub, you can check it all out here (start at the beginning!). I thought that there were lots of thoughtful replies to Jon's concerns, but Vicki Davis' and Ric Murry's and Tom Hemingway's stand out for me. I also really liked Wesley Fryer's reflective post today on his own history and the changes that he's seen.
  • One of my previous posts, Linked, may provide a useful way of thinking about blog 'superhubs' as connectors, not inner circles. As the conversation swirl about Jon's post so aptly demonstrated, getting noticed by the superhubs can bring you into the conversation very quickly and get you a substantial increase in traffic. My experiences with the Did You Know? video and my post about classroom cell phone videos, both of which were picked up by bloggers with far larger audiences than me, bear witness to that truth.

Happy reading, everyone. Like Wesley, I am here for the learning revolution. Hope you are too.