Noam Chomsky equivocates



For a long while I have wondered where the far-left goes to get their fill-up of false anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda. And look: today I found some in Mr. Chomsky's sad little video.


I understand that Chomsky has a reputation as an intellectual, but if his reasoning is based upon manufactured false facts then his opinions are as equally worthless as those his sycophants publish in blogs daily.


First false fact:

Chomsky: 'The Palestinians are (a nation).. the nation is being destroyed. Its a rare event in history for a nation to face destruction, but it's happening.'


There is no nation of Palestine. Never was. A territory, a province, a name to identify an area, but never a state. In fact the purpose of current talks are to create such a state. In fact Chomsky himself promotes such a two-state solution, or the creation of a NEW STATE called Palestine, or Hamasistan, whatever its people choose.


The Palestinian peoples are former citizens of Egypt and Trans Jordan; territory that was ceded to Israel by those nations while suing for peace. While not perfectly accurate, this statement is a much more accurate view of history than Chomsky's pipe-dreams of a nation-state of Palestine being slowing devoured by big bad Israel.


Second false fact:

Chomsky: 'The United States and Israel, are internationally isolated in their refusal to accept a diplomatic settlement. In accord with what has been an overwhelming international consensus, some kind of two-state settlement with some modification of borders, and they still are rejecting it.'


Was it the United States and Israel that walked away from the table and choose the path of INTIFADA instead of negotiation? No. Of course what Chomsky wants when he says 'diplomatic settlement,' is a settlement that is forced upon Israel by those who are NOT her friends.


Chomsky adds nothing to the debate and needs to do some basic research before he comments further. Try:

The Library of Congress:

A Country Study: Israel


Everything from Historical Setting, Events in Palestine 1908-48, Problems of the New State 1948-67 , Minority Groups, and The Peace Process.