Son Long Lost... 

Day is night...Night has become an ever expanding Infinity.
My mind is clouded...Vengeful anger and malevolence grows;
One cannot forgive the unspeakable...Injustice knows no dignity.
The pain of injustice has driven me to explore all that takes toll.
I’ve known Men who’ve killed for no reason...
My associates are a breed apart from the norm.
When the Company called, we did our jobs in season...
Dictators, drug dealers, and dissidents were deleted.
The plebian poor were freed and fed in lands torn...
Nameless and faceless we went in, heeded the task,
Completed the mission...Made the area and people secure.
Men of Arms know what our hearts endured...
We did what had to be done for Society to progress and procure.
Little did we know our Destiny would make a detour.
Some men are born with just force in hand...Others are conditioned.
Some are regular Joes that are conformed, trained and created.
Every Equalizer is prepared to pay the price of admission...
It’s not a task for the weak-hearted or the ill-fated.

In my nightmares, blood flows as a crimson wave.
Weeping children are everywhere, crying for their mothers...
Fathers and sons lay in towering piles of cold, decaying flesh.
We were too late—Our mission took a turn—Vengeance filled our eyes.
Vengeance was our rally cry...Lock and Load! Our Souls were sold.
Death tracked the scum down...Hell came with us.
No mercy...Their fate had been sealed. The jungle was hot...
A tangled web of rotten, festering puss.
The rebels floundered in disbelief as Hell torched and reeled.
Forty-two confirmed kills...There were six of us—Man! We were a team.
It’s easy to kill when the reason is just—To seek revenge for victims.
It’s easy to take pain and anger and turn it into lust.
It’s easy to die when a teammate forgets the system...
The System—Second nature to men of my breed...
A Code of Honor that existed within our rank and file.
Do the job required...Big Brother knew our creed—
Hunt and terminate unmercifully, even if we found it vile.
But Big Brother changed it’s nature, therefore, I changed mine.
The Company forgot one rule...We don’t hit our own;
Every Equalizer knows when to quit...It was quitting time.

I disappeared into obscurity once my position was blown...
You survive the best you can...Expect no outside help.
Time has passed—The pain has eased—The pressure has subsided.
For now, the Company has forgotten me and all I’ve seen,
Letting the years pass peacefully, as Company Life is provided.
My call will come...Future service I will see.
Son Long Lost...We went in knowing it wouldn’t last forever;
My comrades in arms and I knew it wasn’t solvent politically—
Nor, in the eyes of society, morally, but worth the endeavor.
The Company and Uncle Sam will always refer to us hypothetically.
Son Long Lost, the world must know that men as myself do exist;
Some say we are the ominous dark, but to the system, we are the Light.
We’ll be around as long as lurid Evil persists;
My compatriots continue on, carrying the torch’s plight.
The night cries and day tears will draw me back to an unfinished task
I started three decades in the past...It will be my final decree.
End the inhumanity that grows in Central and South America...
And as for me, let it be a cry less night so we can all sleep peacefully.