There is some talk in the U.S. on the North American Union, and the rumours is that Amero is the name of the new currency that USA, Canada and Mexico all want to bring onto market for their SPP project. To do that it will require a hugh change in, perticular US due to the dollar as well as the Declaration of Independence. A shared currency pretty much obsoletes the DoIlar.

This can only be obtained and acheived by a financial crisis that forces the treasury to de-monetize the dollar by Force Majeur. It is -not- unlikly that this will happend in close future based on analysis of different strategic moves US have made in both military, domestic and in finance.(Military: troops has returned to train in urban warfare. Domestic: uprisings caused by lack of goods. Financial: large scale bankrupsy)

What that will do - when it happens - is to cause a major uprise and sivil unrest as peoples money and investments are rendered worthless - basically robbed by the banks and the coporate government. To handle that (uprise) military could be used. By selecting military in addition to - or instead of - police means killings are expected to occur - a war inside the US if you like - and this can occure as the Posse Comitatus Act practially is suspended.

 A dark scenario, but nevertheless a plausible one. Any thoughts?