Help!  National ID's, iris scan research for identity purposes.  This scares the daylights out of me.  I do not want to be scanned as I move about this country or this world, but I fear without enough of an outcry from enough people, this will become the way of life with hardly anyone noticing.  Big Brother is already watching every move we make--including this post.  We have been trained through all our electronic cards--credit, club cards, on-line purchases--to give up way too easily our precious identities.  Once those are amassed into a central ID, we are at the mercy of whatever power broker is in charge.  I would like to hear from experts in this field who oppose this trend.  We have already heard enough from the governmental agencies pushing for these steps.  Let's hear some outcry from the other side.  Perhaps ACLU, Libertarians, or even the church should be up in arms and informing the American people as to how to stop this.