we are not doing enough and i think we are going the wrong way about solving the problem. all the publicity we are seeing focuses on the problems caused by global warming and suggest ways of cutting emissions. well, what about other ways. other plans are needed because the polution caused by cars etc in britain is barely as much per year as a volcanic eruption. and the earth has been bealing with these for millions of years. the difference is that before it has always had a bigger chance of fighting back. the way it cando this is through trees. trees have been reduced dramatically over recent yearsand there is now far less of them to fight back and take away the carbon emissions. they act like a carbon sink. surely it would be much more effective and much cheaper than designing all these new gadgets and cars etc, just to replenish the trees. we have plenty of space to do so and the world would look and be alot better for it. this would also make recovery time faster from our current state which latest research shows could be worse thap previosly thought. i believe the only real advantage the new green products will really bring is a new advertising campaign for companies to open a new branch of customers, because it does not go anywhere near far enough to eradicate the problem and definately not quick enough.