my holic way 

Play the holic games for a long time. I don’t know everything in the first time. But now, I am a leader. And from the first time the sad of been snatched, now the happy of protecting my sisters. In the hero’s way, I had through to many things!

I can remember clearly that I had learn a guy whom named “only request to be invincible” and then I joined their association and fining a girl to be my wife. But who knows she was just played me! I spent much holic money on her, I was so angry and I left the guild.

Because the experience of that, a few days after, I am be a leader. And I don’t go to be alone; I went someone could play with me. And that was a coincidence I meet her.

We had known each other in this game.  Chatted for one evening with her, she is being redundant she and 001 love stories. No, should be is her love story, in my opinion that man only likes her, actually never has fallen in love with her, how or can and she says in the valentine day “bids good-bye” this kind to injure her the words.

She cries to smile, the time which cries scolds him, smiles time was saying own happiness. She looked at her diary to me, the title page is she and 001 game picture, side also has the note topic

Many things I want to remember, especially I remember clearly that a guy of my sibling find me everywhere just in order to gives his wife a gift, that is so unexpectedly.

I still remember a bother that I just familiar few days help me kill the monsters when I had been snatched, that time I was so excited. And I dreams that one day when I had a high ranks, and much holic online gold. I would to kill the monsters too! After then, I am familiar with my best friend named “only request to be invincible” we make a living in the hero

Thinking now, I really need to appreciate the help of my friends, thanks you gives me many holic gold, and my wife, thank you look after me so carefully! Of course, my dear friends, it’s you gives me the courage and confidence. You let me feel so warm and not be alone; you let my hero way so happy! Thank you very much!