I just play the hero; I think the picture of the game is very pretty, I think all the things are so novel in it. Like the reality life, in it if you want to buy some things you also need use money but the money in the game named Hero Online Gold. In fact, until now I have been 46 levels, I did not criticize figure out how to play.

  In the hero game, I only know one thing. Buy Hero Online Gold also you also need spent you reality money. In the game, I recognized him. I and he met by chance, but it did give me a bit obsessed with me. I liked to stand next to him was his sense of protection, I also liked quietly watch him to play the game. I also liked saw him wear beautiful clothes. I also liked that he said me lovely.

  At first, I played the Hero online game, I did not know anything, I did not know how to play, how to upgrade and earn Hero Online Money. Until know, I also did not know. Sometimes I felt it is boring, I felt the game is not fun. But then I recognized him. Since that day, I often play with him, he told me how to play, but I always said I did not understand, so he always took me upgrade, do task. Every day, I always behind of him, also because this, I know a lot of friends.

  One day, he said to me if one day he is not in the game, I will how to play. He said if I did not play in the game, he will worry. I said to him that worried is also a beautiful thing, but he said that worried is a pain thing. I did not believe, I think I can as a very beautiful feeling to miss him in that day without him, but really without him, I found that my world is gloomy, no vitality. In the game without him, I felt empty, helpless, I did not see him I felt very loss and sad. Others say that I am accustomed to the protection of him. In fact it is really, I have been accustomed to have him in my side, I like to earn Cheap Hero Online Gold with him, although every time, I earned very little, but I also felt very happy. I do not want other people to protect me, and I also do not want to be the protection of others. I have had enough of him. Perhaps he and I just friends, maybe we just have to know. But I like the feeling of this mess, a bit vague warm. He and I are earthshaking love, and no dynamic situation, but it is worried about a casual, I want this sad worry have been spread in my heart. I thank you with me through those days, I thank you give me the feeling. We are still friends, we still continue to my hero trip. You are hero of my heart.