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Clearly we are biological entities that arose from the congregation of lesser organisms into a more complex system. And clearly we make up larger and larger systems, from friends to family to extended family, church, nation, etc. So it stands to reason that the largest system within which you are a part and can conceive, that is god (your local, personal image, as you cannot possibly truly "know" it. Beyond that, the biggest composite of all things, be it a Universe or multiverse or however all things swirl together is the biggest system of them all, of which we are a part. That is the Alpha and the Omega. That is God. Unknowable and yet, the more we strive to do well locally, the more we do for the larger system (or model, if you prefer.)

So, what do we do? Well, we try to be good cells, essentially. To degrade ourselves or our world is similar to biological cancer. To be useful, ethical, moral is to be a good cell. To be good stewards of the earth makes sense in this context, because as it stands we are behaving very much like lung cancer, destroying the rain forests (lungs) of our planet and throwing off the natural balance. This is why our planet is sick. Obviously wars and any other thing that anyone can tell you is "wrong" is wrong precisely because it either hurts or does not benefit us or our ecology. I don't think this view is exclusive of any other faith, but rather inclusive of both science and faith.

Just my two cents.