Back in 1981 when I worked for a major bank in California I came up with a solution to the economic system for the United States -- seriously!  YES, there is a way to put together a banking system that will NEVER foreclose on anyone, and be able to issue unlimited new home loans!  When I contacted the local papers about my solution, the Sacramento Bee ran a story about my solution on the front page of their Business Section, and you can see this on my website -- yes, the solution is radical -- but if we really want a total solution to the banking system of this country, we are going to have to take things in a new direction!  The one main reason for banks foreclosing is that when they make a loan, they need their money back -- and what is the quickest way for a bank to "get their money back"?  To have it redeposited back into the same bank!  The current fragmented banking system has the money within society bouncing in and out of thousands of different banks -- so what would happen if there was only One BankEvery loan would be immediately returned to the very same bank that made that loan -- and would a bank that already "has all the money" ever need to foreclose on somone to "get their money back"?  I say NO -- because a bank that already has all the money would never need to foreclose on anyone to "get its money back" -- IT ALREADY WOULD HAVE ALL THE MONEY!  Thus, this bank would never need to foreclose on anyone!  And there are numerous other amazing things that would happen, and I have all of this written up on my website -- just go to and click on my Banking solution link!  For over 25 years I have known that this Banking Solution can work, it's logical, it's not just some manic monopoly -- it's a very natural evolving of the banking system that current exists in this country, except that I firmly believe that we can put together a very benign banking system that will finally work for humanity, not against humanity!  See my website!