The Loss generation of Journalists in the Darkest age of Journalists in America just lost again. After the history day, June 3, 2008 Sen Obama snatched the First Black Presidential nomination of Democratic Party. One June 4,some naive headline appeared in  CNN like OBAMA MADE HISTORY, HILLARY REFUSE TO CONCEDE. Washington Post with that The campaign is over but Hillary Clinton does not want to concede defeat. The other like Fox, MSNBC, New York Time, WST…. almost with same headline: made history, no concede, no concede…. . These viagra-typed headlines only confirmed what Scot McClellan accusing, empty brained and sin enabler Journalists or  as the former President Clinton complained a “Sleazy, Slimy, Scumbag” Journalist.    First  I hope Sen Obama will never do that  foolish major media ask a 18 million supporter ‘s candidate to concede. It is not NBA, OR NFL championship games, winner takes all. Obama can take down Hillary but not her voters! To do best, Obama should give her a great  respect to declare that we both are winners! But super-delegate to choose Obama to represent DEMORCRATIC Party. Indeed it is not voters to choose to decide this primary election, the super-delegate in the  last minute to cast Obama to win the nomination.  And  with an “Affirmative Act”, the help of DNC unfairly to split  in half of delegates in Michigan and Florida respectfully to reach  the no. of delegates 2118 to help Obama to make HISTORY.


  In General Election, there is no caucus anymore, in all 50 states, it is winners take all strategy.  Obama’s primary small- state –delegate and go-caucus  strategy, do not fit the general election. Obama needs Hillary’s 18 m voters in Texas, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey , California, South Dakota …etc . To play it certain and safe, Obama  will dearly need Hillary to join his camp!

Every politician may be opportunistic and  selfish, my-interest first. If Obama needs Hillary, he has to give a  position to fulfill Hillary’s ambition – the future President of United States. The best is this case, Obama invites Hillary “merges” with  him as the  Obam first and Hillary second joint ticket. If Hillary can be the VP that means she still has a chance to be a President after  8 years, if the O&H joint ticket win the General election.

    The lost Media and Journalists  again suggested that Mr. Clinton will be a liability in the OH joint ticket. They all underestimate the   political wisdom of Mr. Clinton. If Lady Hillary still has a chance to a VP in OH ticket, how can Bill will ruin his wife’s another lifetime of chance, the President of United States in 2016? Are you kidding me? Lost media and Journalists!     Never , Never ask a former Opponent  who has 18 m in stake to concede as the lost major media and Journalists  suggested and you would better invite her to merge in order to expend your camp to win the General Election. Understood  Sen Obama?