Many of give presentations or deliver training workshops for K-12 or postsecondary educators. As part of those professional development efforts, we have a variety of resources and favorites that we use: background readings for participants, videos that we show, example blogs or wikis that we highlight, etc.

I'm working on a wiki, Moving Forward, which I'm hoping can be a good resource for all of us. Miguel and David and Wesley and Will and Sheryl and Karl and Jeff and John and Vicki and ... Each has their own private list of examples and resources that they use when they present. I'd like to encourage everyone to contribute at least one resource to the Moving Forward wiki.

To start, let's focus on blogging:

  • What are some good background readings and other resources on K-12 and/or postsecondary blogging?
  • What are some good example student, teacher, administrator, or staff blogs to show audiences?

Please contribute your resources and URLs to the Moving Forward Blogs page. This is a great way for everyone to create a resource that can be used by all of us as we work to facilitate technology-related change in schools and universities. Just one resource or example blog, that's all I ask. C'mon, that's nothing! You can do it!

Feel free to add to the other pages as well. I'll issues calls for contributions for other sections of the wiki over the coming weeks. If you make a contribution, please add your name to the contributor list!