Missing is the pain which one kind will breathe. Perhaps, love is a sad fairy tale, only is remote and real, then may only have not touch with a short, can achieve its be radiant and be sacred. Perhaps, only then in the world of the two moons, could look once those days and look clearly, is clearest. We all can look 2moons dil and 2moons gold clearly that you give, Gives up the one that loving you is not painful, gives up the human who you love, that is only then painful. Falls in love with one not to love you the person, that is the real pain. If we are predestined friends, the time and the space will not be distances, if we will not have the good fortune, at the end of day will be gathers, we also cannot be long-time. Therefore, all, do not go at will extremely to care, does not need to go to demand, including you buy 2moons dil and cheap 2moons gold. The escape, not necessarily can be hide; Facing, not necessarily is saddest; Lonely, also not necessarily is joyful; Obtains, also not necessarily can be long-time. Loses not necessarily no longer has, possible, because in the two moons world has some reason, but is sad, is 2moon dil? But you can actually look for a reason to let itself joyful. Falls in love nothing but is just be joyful, two people cannot be joyful, were inferior that a person is joyful. Two person pain, were inferior that helps a person to be joyful. The love is one kind of feeling, even if the pain will also think brokenheartedly; the love is one kind of experience, even if brokenhearted will also think happily; the love is one kind of experience, even if stave will also think beautifully. Somewhat loses is doomed, some fates will be will never have result to like a person not necessarily being able to have to be possible, I will be cannot cancel your everything which will stay behind in my heart. Because of lonely, but undeserved kindness do not because of undeserved kindness, but lonely life has one kind of missing named to silence between us, my heart of hearts that sentiment, henceforth will again not perhaps mention. Loves a person, has lost, will leave behind wound forever to be able faint pain.