I’m very mixed on the notion of religion. Very keen on the idea of ethics and virtue but puzzled by just how twisted things become when different flavours of God come into play. Christmas is ostensibly a religious festival to commemorate the birth of Christ but it seems to have become blotted out by booze and presents and confused by Santa and mistletoe. The good news is the tiny vestige of spirituality that can still be found if you look hard enough. I’m prepared to celebrate the birth of anyone who comes into the world simply to do the right thing. And so are all my Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist friends (or any other flavours that I have left out). Wouldn’t it be sublime if, this Christmas, we could share the stories of all the great religious leaders. And let’s pray that everyone listens. So that next year we can live in a more tolerant and diverse world. A place where barbarism, justified in the name of God, is a thing of the past.