I recently heard a sermon that was a bit of a slap in the face to Christianity... There was a quote given, attributed to E. Stanley Jones (a Christian writer who was a close friend of Mahatma Gandhi):

"We have inoculated the world with a mild form of Christianity so that it is now proof against the real thing."

Indeed, this is what the Catholic Church did to me...

The speaker goes on to say:
" For some of us, the concept of salvation has been reduced to sitting in front of a god who is a judge who stamps a legal document that says 'Now you can go to heaven' with very little focus on what it means to be a member of the Kingdom of God here and now."

Another statement was along the lines of something Rick Warren is quoted in saying that

"...we talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus, but sometimes we come across as just a big mouth. And we're really great with our words, but what people read and what people see and smell is often so different, and therefore it doesn't MATTER WHAT WE ARE SAYING."

I am guilty of such an accusation... I spend most of my time talking... but I do still believe open discussion is important...