When will govt wake up to the fact most subsidised drugs dont work [and that many have adverse reaction]. Im talking about adverse reaction to persribed drugs , that in america causes the number equivelent to 5 jumbo jets carshing EACH day ,to die from adverse reaction to persribed drugs ,1 in 100 hospitalisations [with 1 in ten resulting in death. Also about a NNT number every drug is required to have , NNT is the number needed to treat to get one cure ,in many cases 50 or 100 people on this overpriced 'medi-sin' need to take the subsidised drug TO GET ONE CURE 49 out of 50 take the drug to no affect Thus was the NNT number initiated [yet it remains ignored] ,then we get the side affects from those 49 filling our hospitals [1/100] , But how many are putting up with diraiea ,head aches ulcers , numbness , and hundreds of other symptoms we put up with believing it better than nothing ,or dying from the disease . But govt seens intent on ignoring all this stuff ,lets the industry advise it how top spend public welfore [coorperate welfare ] to these multinational drug lords selling chinese made drugs [thats right they dont even bother making their own perscription now its tendered out to china ,yet the price hasnt fallen [but their proffits and the tax payer paid subsidies have gone up]. While the drain the public purse into the multinational drug pushers ,while cannabis [that has never caused a death] [that cures cancer, that cures high blood presure , arthritus and eating diseases. Yet has its users declared criminal by deeming a plant a drug [simply because its revenue raising is a billion dollar [pound] industry]. Noting we subsidise stroke medication for one billion each year [that does the same as one puff of a joint[from a plant that can be grown for pennies