I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every school night of the week.  One of the reasons that I watch these shows is I love to listen to the discussions they have with their guests.  What sets these two hosts apart from other hosts, in my opinion, is that they achieve very fine balances between discussing with their guests and engaging their audiences.  They are extremely respectful of their guests, they let them talk, but they also come across as being interested in learning about the author's side of his story and having their questions answered.  They also manage to ask questions that adequately address the material of the book without alienating those who are uneducated in the field.

 I would like to propose a show that is just like these interviews, only these interviews last for (at least) a half hour.  A show that has a showing around 8 or 9 that is not a monologue with minor prompts from the "interviewer," and not an excuse for a host to voice his own opinion and a guest merely there to have someone to rail against, but an honest discussion between the intrigued outside and the knowledgeable inside, between the author and the audience he is trying to reach.

 I honestly believe a show like that would attract an audience.

 Comments or suggestions?