We talk about hybrid cars and wind power and on and on, yet the simplest change in what you eat can have the greatest impact on improving the condition of the environment. one of the largest contributers to destroying the planet is raising cattle and livestock. Hundreds of thousands of acres of woods and rainforest have been destroyed for the purpose of raising livestock, and the amount of food and water that we waste on feeding animals rather than people makes absolutely no sense when there are millions of people without access to clean water and are either starving or relying on aid for food. Not only does raising cattle rape the land of nutrients, it takes up valuable land for produce that can feed so many more people than cows or pigs or what have you. For anyone who really cares about the environment and wants to actually do something proactive and GREATLY decrease your carbon footprint, GO VEGAN! Don't just recycle and change a lightbulb, change what you eat! Get healthy and save the planet at the same time!