Is it right or wrong to smoke marijuana. my personal thoughts are there arnt much anything to do anyway. But if i know one thing it DOES get in the way of at least one thing if you let it.....Education some people can get high and some how get there home work done but not me its not that i cant its that it's not to the best of my ability when i do it while im high. heres anther fact the above the influence has stupid comercials they dont tell you anything WTF kind of meassage does a stupid talking dog send to you dont do mushrooms and weed at the same time? that was a joke but im serious there is no meassage to that because the only meassage to be sent to teens is that its better not to smoke pot because there are 2 reasons pot is "bad" #1 no matter what you do or say you can do better at school with out pot #2 is if your hooked you spend most of your money on it. there is also a radio comercial from above the influence,heres the main idea of the comerical i dont know that the dialogue is correct  (2 guy friends talking)  Guy #1: hey dude my mom found a joint on my dresser. (a joint is weed rolled up in paper like a ciggerette) in my room last night. Guy#2 what happend? Guy #1 She cried. What kind of meassage does that send dont do weed or it will make your mom cry or is the mom cring because she thinks because her son smokes pot he wont be successful in life its possabe that can happen people turn in to "pot heads" (which is some one whom abuses pot) like steals for it or pretty much does any thing for it thats when parents should "lay the law down" on their kids. hey if any one reads this and your a parent tell your kids the positives and negitives to weed because no matter what you do we are going to experement. and the difference between people who smoke and dont is that the people who smoke are the people who realize that its not worth it to smoke pot and thats good i wll add more later see ya! leave some feed back 4 me! ~tye~