I still remembered the first time on Maple Story, and then I just felt that the new game, I tried holding the attitude, and I chose the Maple Story. Because this I loved the Maple Story, and I spent some maple mesos in the game.

  In the blue snails, I built a not 4, 4 number, I strive toward the soldiers, the crowds surging in the Rainbow Village, I have been cut the snail until 8 levels. I saw the floor had many mesos and monster card; I can only see but can not afford to pick. At that time, I was even the monster card as treasure. Later, I went to the village to do a striker vice memory test. When I 8 levels, primary school student told me that practice in striker village much faster than in the Rainbow Island, and people was also less. So, I silently practiced to transfer.

  The first contact with popular when I become a fighter. I came to the striker upgrade and earn cheap mesos, at that moment, many players were upgrading. I remembered there was a relatively senior players wearing good equipment, and crying in the Green floor that he said who would dare to loot monster, he will deduction on who’s popularity. At that time, I was directly intimidated to cut the snail in a side. Later, I finally understood that after 15 levels every day you can give a specific person plus or minus popularity.

  I separated from the first, at that time in blue snail I did not understand what a friends, and I just played for fun. Because it is explored, the attributes I also add in mess, as I have been scoff by primary school student, he said my number is a waster number, and I think I cut snail and earned a little maplestory mesos every day, I felt bored, so I gave up the Maple Story.

  My first time to comeback the Maple Story is after a few weeks later, when Maple Story almost disappear from my world, my classmates even reunification have to play the new area named fat Q goose. So my enthusiasm for renewal, because I compared them, at least I was half of the old player. At least I knew how to play and how to earn maple story mesos.

  Later, every day, we played together in the Maple Story; I found the fun in the Maple Story. We played very happy in the game. Because I have the experience of play Maple Story, this time I practice very well. This time, I made a lot of friends, and I loved the game. I will continue play this game.