We are all recognized inside the Mabinogi game, in this game, we all find our friendship, although we spent a lot of money to buy mabinogi gold. I think even we say goodbye, our friendship will not change. From know up to now, seems to be a dream, this dream real good but also real virtual. Think back just in the understanding of everyone time; only a few days ago seemed to matter. Friends have said to leave Mabinogi, but we could not bear the friendship, we could not forget the happy that we together fight monster and earn mabinogi gold, or after twist and turns on the back. At that time, I heard that they leave a heavy heart good. Finally they were persuaded back. I was secretly pleased to suddenly up. Mabinogi this family, in this summer, leaving us, is a friendship will not change. While we understand is in the network, although in the network it has people to cheat cheap mabinogi, although we will not start again after the regular meeting with each other.   Sometimes think that the departure of good feeling pain. If had no recognize of these people have no access to Mabinogi, did not listen to the internet friends on the downloaded Mabinogi. I would not have had the sad. But think again, I live this summer so happy, all they gave me. I love playing with my friends and the feeling, I am very happy that I can upgrade and mabinogi money with them.   Delicate small STYU, our understanding is in a tree in front of the village. At that time are boring, see delicate in the way people called her a wild fruit to help complete the task. I had to help, and then we know this. Delicate is a good girl, she sent a lot of things to me, contain mabinogi online gold, I am very grateful to her. Delicate also helped me a lot, such as the huge wolf, female monster is she taught me how kill. Thank you.  WEI on the line each time, I will better excite, because I think she was very good, both in personality or character. At that time she will be a farewell, I cry colorful, the heart could not bear morning and she does not want to take this feeling of not occupy a space. And her understanding of the true class in Georgia, although already very late, but I will cherish and with the time of her.  In Mabinogi, I also have a lot of other friends, countless. Thank you all the way since the company and care. Despite a fast starts. However, we hope that the friendship will never change.