A wondrous lie a sweet deception appeared to me at once quite clear

The passion, beauty, and the cold, the very essence of our souls

The vision seemed at first so clear, I for a moment thought it real

A truth so pleasant to behold, I quickly felt empowered, bold

And as these thoughts my head did fill I felt it all love, hatred, fear

A grand illusion truly so, threes more to me then just this fleshy mold

But as the end to this drew near, my mind again was all too clear

These images that seemed alive, now waning pictures in my eyes

And as I let them drift away I felt no love, nor fear, nor hate

They disappeared despite my cries, and now they truly seem but lies

Threes no remorse, for that its late, without them is a milder fate

I shall not miss these severed ties, just watch my essence as it dies

            And as the embers lose their glow, one would presume I felt a cold

            But I was neither warm nor cold, I simply was, or so was told.


Tell me what you guys think, i know its a bit repetative. I just threw it tigather before going to sleep, felt a bit of inspiration. Please be critical if you think its terrible let me know. Its a shakespearin sonnet by the way, with 2 ryming schemes.